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Bonsai Care Information

Welcome to the Eastern Leaf knowledge center. We love sharing techniques and useful information so we've written and created a variety of how-to articles and guides so you can get the most out of your tree.

If you're interested in a particular topic, we would love to add it. Feel free to email us directly at support@easternleaf.com or call us at 1-888-684-8377.

Jason Chan is a founding member of Bonsai Jidai, Southern California's premier school of bonsai. He serves on the board of the Golden State Bonsai Federation and is also the editor of their quarterly bonsai magazine. He has served as an officer for Kofu Kai, one of Southern California's largest bonsai clubs. He contributes articles regularly to various bonsai publications and does demonstrations for local clubs as well as the Huntington library. He also teaches monthly classes at his workshop.
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