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I. Bonsai Trees
About Bonsai
  > Bonsai Styles
  > Brief Bonsai History
  > Choosing a Bonsai Species
  > What is a Bonsai Tree?
  > Winter Care
Care Guide by Species
General Care
  > Fertilizing and Re-potting your Bonsai Tree
  > Grafting
  > How to Properly Water your Bonsai Tree
  > Maintaining Proper Lighting
  > Pruning, Shaping and Training your Bonsai
  > Seasonal Care
Troubleshooting Tips
  > Common Bonsai Problems
  > Getting Rid of Pests
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II. Lucky Bamboo
About Lucky Bamboo
General Care
  > Arranging your Bamboo
  > How to Properly Prune your Bamboo
  > Propagating your Bamboo
  > Watering, Fertilizing, and Lighting
Troubleshooting Tips
  > Common Bamboo Problems
  > Getting Rid of Pests
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III. Money Tree
About Money Trees
  > Money Tree History
  > What is a Money Tree?
General Care
  > Displaying your Money Tree
  > Fertilizing and Re-potting your Money Tree
  > How to Properly Water your Money Tree
  > Maintaining Proper Lighting and Temperature
  > Pruning your Money Tree
Trouble Shooting Tips
  > Common Money Tree Problems
  > Getting Rid of Pests
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IV. Event Favors
About Asian Inspired Party Favors
  > What is the Symbolic Meaning?
General Care
General Party Favor Plant Care and Assembly
Placing Orders
Troubleshooting Tips
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V. Home Décor & Zen Living FAQ
How do I Feng Shui my space?
How do I Get my fountain to work?
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What type of plants can I have in low-lighted areas?
VI. General Plant FAQ
30-Day Plant Policy
Children & Pets
  > Are your plants toxic to Children and Pets
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VII. Eastern Leaf FAQ
  > Do you have a nursery open to the public?
  > What is your address?
  > Where are you located?
  > Live Plant Policy
  > Non-Live Plant Policy
  > Shipping Policy
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