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Heavy Branch Bending with Raffia

For most of us, we always wish that a branch could be moved lower. However, we’re often limited by our technique or fear of breaking a branch while bringing the branch down. More often than not, the branch is only brought down slightly and not to the desired location. Fortunately, raffia is a great tool to use when doing heavy bends. Not only does it protect the cambium during the bend but it also helps to give additional support when bending the branch.

During a heavy bend, it’s common for the branch to break or split. This is normal and sometimes necessary. Raffia helps to protect the cambium where the break or split occurs thereby keeping the branch alive while it adjusts to it’s new location.

How to Use it:

Wrap the branch you want to bend in raffia many times over. You’ll want to use a bundle of raffia at a time to wrap the branch rather than do it one at a time. This will save time but also ensure a solid and stable wrap. Once the branch is fully wrapped with raffia, you can either bend with heavy wire or utilize the guy wire technique.