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115750-01Mini Tiered Bamboo - Red
803690-03Modern Mini Tiered Bamboo
800660-02Spiral Heart Lucky Bamboo
800780-02Romantic Heart Bamboo
101390-06Modern Square Lucky Bamboo
807880-03Prickly Pot Lucky Bamboo Arrangement
800680-02Spiral 7 Arrangement
809510-03Sweet Spiral Lucky Bamboo
807890-03Geometric Spiral Lucky Bamboo Arrangement
801300-03Red Orchid Lucky Bamboo
803950-03Heart 7 Arrangement
809500-03Sweet Pastels Lucky Bamboo
800480-02Lucky 7 Spiral
800270-02Square Glass Short
800430-01Tiered Bamboo
800600-02Braided Pineapple Lucky Bamboo
100030-01-24PSpiral Bamboo 24"
100030-01-12PSpiral Bamboo 12"
100030-01-08PSpiral Bamboo 8"
800670-02-08HHeart Shaped Lucky Bamboo Stalk 8"
800670-02-06HHeart Shaped Lucky Bamboo Stalk 6"
100020-01-24TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 24"
100020-01-18TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 18"
100020-01-12TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 12"
100020-01-08TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 8"
100020-01-06TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 6"
100020-01-04TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 4"
127610-01Advanced Complete Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124470-01Advanced Complete Bonsai Tool Set
127680-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Satsuki Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124740-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Satsuki Bonsai Tool Set
127700-01Novice Satsuki Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124440-01Novice Satsuki Bonsai Tool Set
127660-01Intermediate Satsuki Hasami Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124460-01Intermediate Satsuki Hasami Bonsai Tool Set
127650-01Intermediate Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124450-01Intermediate Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set
127670-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124730-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set
127710-01Novice Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124710-01Novice Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set
127690-01Novice Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124430-01Novice Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set
127640-01Essential Stainless Steel Bonsai Wiring Toolkit with Roll
124700-01Essential Stainless Steel Bonsai Wiring Tool Set
127630-01Essential Stainless Steel Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124500-01Essential Stainless Steel Bonsai Tool Set
124410-01Essential Bonsai 3-Tool Set
127620-01Essential Bonsai Toolkit with Roll (Pruning, Wiring, Repotting)
124480-01Essential Bonsai Tool Set (Pruning, Wiring, Repotting)
128250-01BAHCO Folding Pruning Saw
120460-01Drop Forged Hedge Shears
121640-01Kariwaku Noko Pruning Saw
129640-01Flexrake Classic Folding Pocket Style Pruning Knife
124330-01Ryuga Carbon Steel Ashinaga Shear
129440-01Hikimawashi-Noko Keyhole Saw, 150mm
120480-01Drop Forged Pro-Pruning Shears
128090-01Kaneshin Okubo Shears
130200-01Stainless Steel Mini Leaf Trimmers
129360-01Hikimawashi-Noko Keyhole Saw, 180mm
127590-01Black Canvas Bonsai Tool Roll
127300-01Kaneshin Mini Bud Shears
120220-01Jin Tian Ashinaga Shears
113260-01Pruning Shear
127410-01Kaneshin Ashinaga Shears
120200-01Jin Tian Satsuki Shear
112880-01Ikenobo Shears
124320-01Ryuga Carbon Steel Satsuki Hasami Shear
127310-01Kaneshin Satsuki Hasami Shears
127290-01Kaneshin Bud Shears
126390-01Japanese Retractable Bonsai Saw
120210-01Jin Tian Okubo Shears
114260-01Ryuga Stainless Steel Satsuki Hasami Shear
112860-01Master Grade Stainless Steel Ashinaga Shears
115250-01Master Grade Stainless Steel Satsuki Shear
102020-01Mini Butterfly Branch Cutters/Shears
114480-01Ryuga Stainless Steel Ashinaga Shears
112800-01All Purpose Bonsai Shears
113220-01Premium Drop Forged Thinning Shear
113700-01Bonsai Tool Starter Set
127580-01Traditional Thinning Shear
809320-03American Hackberry Bonsai Seeds
809260-03American Hackberry Bonsai Seed Kit
809310-03Japanese Trident Maple Bonsai Seeds
809250-03Japanese Trident Maple Bonsai Seed Kit
804210-03Chinese Sweetgum Bonsai Seeds
804150-03Chinese Sweetgum Bonsai Seed Kit
804270-03Norway Spruce Bonsai Seeds
804200-03Norway Spruce Bonsai Seed Kit
121050-01Hydrofarm Jump Start HotHouse Mini-Greenhouse System
804240-03Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Seeds
804170-03Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Seed Kit
809420-03American Larch Bonsai Seeds
809410-03American Larch Bonsai Seed Kit
804220-03Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seeds
804160-03Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seed Kit
805810-03Japanese Wisteria Bonsai Seeds
805800-03Japanese Wisteria Bonsai Seed Kit
130060-01Sunkit Seed Starting System
130050-01Sunkit Mini-Greenhouse System