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808670-03Medium Chinese Elm - 8"
809740-03Upright Chinese Elm
805190-03Small Bowl Succulent Terrarium Kit
805150-03Succulent Dish Terrarium Kit
805480-03Zen Garden Terrarium Dish - Large
805470-03Zen Garden Terrarium Dish - Small
805160-03Large Bowl Succulent Kit
805210-03Small Cloche Terrarium Kit
804830-03Simple Air Plant Kit Terrarium
805450-03Zen Garden Terrarium Bowl Kit - Small
805200-03Large Cloche Terrarium Kit
805220-03Apothecary Jar Terrarium Kit
804910-03Tall Desk Air Plant Terrarium Kit
806520-03Small Bowl Succulent Terrarium Kit
805460-03Zen Garden Terrarium Bowl Kit - Large
806510-03Hanging Succulent Terrarium Kit
806530-03Tall Desk Succulent Kit
804870-03Bulb Air Plant Terrarium Kit
805950-03Small Bowl Zen Aloe Terrarium Kit
804750-03Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit
804890-03Apothecary Jar Air Plant Terrarium Kit
806500-03Cube Succulent Terrarium Kit
809450-03Sansevieria Zeylanica in Planter (Various Colors)
809240-03Money Tree Bonsai
809440-03Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia Obtusifolia) in Planter (Various Colors)
800740-03Braided Money Tree
808460-03Tri-Tone Yellow Grey Ceramic Planter
808450-03Tri-tone Blue Grey Ceramic Planter
809780-03Money Tree Grove
808440-03Bronze Dip Succulent Planter
800780-03Braided Money Tree - Cube (White)
809480-03Ficus Audrey in Planter (Various Colors)
114600-01Satin Baby Blue Ribbon 1/4"
114590-01Satin Yellow Ribbon 1/4"
114580-01Satin Blue Ribbon 1/4"
114570-01Satin Red Ribbon 1/4"
114610-01Satin Purple Ribbon 1/4"
128960-01Garden Sand - Rose (8 oz.)
130370-01Garden Sand - Teal (8 oz.)
100240-01Colored Marbles
100230-01Polished River Rocks
114930-01Long Rectangle Glass Vase
114550-01Mini Sake Masu (Box of 6)
122770-01Personalized Flags (Set of 20)
119170-01Sticker Personalization
114900-01Personalized Raffia Hang Tags (Set of 12)
119160-01Let Love Grow - Personalized Tags
809210-03Pyracantha Tree Plant Favor - Burlap Pouch
807740-03Boxwood Tree Plant Favor - Burlap Pouch
806130-03Olive Tree Plant Favor - Burlap Pouch
804570-03Pine Tree Plant Favor - Burlap Pouch
807610-03Succulent Sake Favor - Black
804840-03Air Plant Favor - Glass Bottle
804900-03Moss Bottle Favor
807680-03Medium Succulent Cube Arrangement
805340-03Mini Square Glass Succulent Favor
804810-03Air Plant Clear Gift Box Favor
805230-03Succulent Sake Favor
800090-05Square Glass - Custom Arrangement
800210-05White Sake Cup Favor
800100-05Sake Masu Favor
800070-05Square Glass Favor
800220-05Japanese Cup Favor
800130-05Tube Favor
800083-05Mini Square Favor
801280-03Floral Garden
800570-02Natural Glass Arrangement
115750-01Mini Tiered Bamboo - Red
803690-03Modern Mini Tiered Bamboo
101390-06Modern Square Lucky Bamboo
807880-03Prickly Pot Lucky Bamboo Arrangement
800680-02Spiral 7 Arrangement
809510-03Sweet Spiral Lucky Bamboo
801300-03Red Orchid Lucky Bamboo
809500-03Sweet Pastels Lucky Bamboo
800480-02Lucky 7 Spiral
800270-02Square Glass Short
800430-01Tiered Bamboo
800600-02Braided Pineapple Lucky Bamboo
100030-01-24PSpiral Bamboo 24"
100030-01-12PSpiral Bamboo 12"
100030-01-08PSpiral Bamboo 8"
100020-01-18TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 18"
100020-01-12TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 12"
100020-01-08TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 8"
100020-01-06TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 6"
100020-01-04TIndividual Bamboo Sticks 4"
127610-01Advanced Complete Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124470-01Advanced Complete Bonsai Tool Set
127680-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Satsuki Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124740-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Satsuki Bonsai Tool Set
127700-01Novice Satsuki Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124440-01Novice Satsuki Bonsai Tool Set
127660-01Intermediate Satsuki Hasami Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124460-01Intermediate Satsuki Hasami Bonsai Tool Set
127650-01Intermediate Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124450-01Intermediate Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set
127670-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Toolkit with Roll
124730-01Intermediate Stainless Steel Ashinaga Bonsai Tool Set