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Do I have to remove the bamboos from the water gel immediately upon arrival?
It is recommended to at least remove the bags of bamboos from the box and stand them upright as soon as possible but it is not necessary to rinse off the water gel immediately. The bamboos can st
Maintaining Good Trunk Health on a Money Tree
The health of a money tree largely depends on the healthiness of the trunk. Money trees do not have a long root structure. Most of the nutrients are absorbed through the roots that develop from
How are the favors shipped?
In order to keep shipping costs low and protect the glass vases and bamboos from getting damaged, all favors will arrive unassembled. The bamboos are packed in bunches inside bags of water gel to kee
Are favors and arrangements shipped assembled?
For quality assurance, the glass vases and bamboos are wrapped carefully and separately with foam to keep from getting damaged; all favors and arrangements will arrive unassembled. The bamboos are pac