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Flowering Tea Tree Care Information
Fujian Tea thrives in sunny, warm temperate locations. Better lighting conditions will result in more frequent flowering. Avoid intense afternoon sun shining through windows in the summer. Fujia
Common Tea Types
If you donít consider yourself a tea drinker, now may be a good time to start. Tea is a popular beverage amongst culture. In fact, throughout history tea has also been proven to be used as medicine
Preparing your bonsai for Winter
For many, the winter season storms have already begun and brought snow. For others, as we get closer to the winter season, itís a good time to prepare your trees. Insulation: The large
Do you have a store in my local area?
We have one location at this time. Eastern Leaf 4789 Cheyenne Way Chino, CA 91710 888-684-8377 We also ship within the United States.
Clip and Grow Method: Developing a Pad Layer
The clip and grow method is a great way to familiarize yourself with the growth patterns of your tree. For beginners, itís also a great method to train your tree without needing to apply wire to
Bonsai Training: Clip and Grow Method Basics: Tip # 1
Of the methods in which you can train your bonsai tree, the clip and grow method is the easiest. Simply put, it requires just basic shears to do. However for your tree to develop correctly,
2 Wiring Tips for Improving your Technique
Nearly every bonsai enthusiast is always trying to improve their technique. After looking at trees in books, we would all like to know how to accomplish some of the things that many renowned bon