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Are your plants toxic to children and pets?
No, but it is not recommended to be ingested. If ingestion occurs, please consult your local physician for assistance. However, the following plants have unofficial claims of toxins to cats: juniper,
What are the causes for Yellow leaves?
Bonsai trees require full time care. The most important aspects in growing and caring for your bonsai includes watering, humidity, lighting, temperature, fertilization, and air and soil circulation. I
How do I properly Water my Bonsai?
Watering plays a crucial role in providing successful care for your bonsai tree. Newcomers to the art of bonsais usually lose their first plant to improper watering. Some bonsai experts say watering i
Reed Diffusers for Aroma Therapy
Looking for a greener and safer way to enjoy a fragrance in your environment? Look no further! Reed diffusers are a great way to create beautiful aromas in any environment. Since reed diffusers do not