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Can I plant my bonsai in the ground outdoors?
Bonsai plants are meant to be isolated in a small pot to keep them small and for the purpose of mobility for display. In addition, due to their small size, they cannot withstand extreme weather change
My bamboo is growing a lot, do I need to transplant it to a bigger container?
It is not necessary to transplant into a bigger container. If the roots are overgrown and clumped up, they can be trimmed back to fit. Overall, the stalk does not grow larger in girth nor height so it
I don't see a plant that I want on your site. Can you get one for me?
Unfortunately, all of our plants available for purchase are shown online. However, we are constantly expanding our selection so please check back regularly or you can receive updates and promotions th
Do I need to transplant the bamboos into a larger container?
The stalks of our lucky bamboo, Dracaena Sanderia, will not grow in height nor in diameter. The leaves however will continue to grow over time and can be trimmed. The roots will also grow as wel
Why is my plant not doing so well even when I followed all the care instructions exactly?
Please be aware that the general care information for each plant was established based on average environmental conditions. Due to the sensitive nature of living products, the amount of given care sho
Will my plant arrive okay even though it is very cold outside where I live?
For cold regions, when necessary our plants are shipped with heat packs and foam insulation so they will be protected during transit.
What are the white bugs on my plant?
These bugs are called "aphids" and they are commonly found on indoor and outdoor plants. To rid of these bugs, use a mild solution of dish soap and water and spray the plant.
Can I use Miracle-Gro for your plants?
No, we highly discourage the use of any strongly enhanced fertilizers for our plants since it can cause more harm to the plant than help it.
Are the plant photos shown online really match what I will get?
The online plant photos are taken directly from our nursery of plants. Due to the nature of plants and seasonal changes, they may differ slightly from the picture shown. However, each plant matches th
How should I keep good care of my plant when I'm away?
When you're gone on a short trip for less than a week or just over a long weekend, keeping your plant well watered and placing it in a good location is very important. For bamboos, you should
What are the white little spiders leaving webs on my plant?
These bugs are called "spider mites" and they are commonly found on indoor and outdoor plants. Introducing a new plant to a household will sometimes attract these bugs. To rid of these bugs, use a mil
My plant arrived healthy but there are bugs on my plant now?
Bugs are attracted to plants that are not properly cared for similarly to how bugs are attracted to food that is spoiling. To prevent attracting bugs, for bonsai trees it is important to water your tr
Are your plants toxic to children and pets?
No, but it is not recommended to be ingested. If ingestion occurs, please consult your local physician for assistance. However, the following plants have unofficial claims of toxins to cats: juniper,
30-Day Plant Policy
30 Day Plant Replacement: We understand that not everyone has a green thumb, so if your prized tree doesn’t agree with you within 30 days, we'll send one replacement tree to you for free. We'll even
Non-Live Plant Return Policy
Return Policy: General Products (excluding live plants) We value our relationship with you and assure your satisfaction. Our commitment to you is that you may return any unused item (except personali
Bonsai Maintenance: Fertilizing your Tree
Keeping your tree healthy can be an easy task as long as you stay on top of watering, re-potting, and fertilizing. If you plan on re-potting your tree in the next few months, now is a great time
Do you have both live and ornamental plants?
All of our products in the plants category are live plants except for the botanicals and each plant has care information underneath their respective photos in the product detail page ( example ). We d
Live Plant Return Policy
Returns Policy - Live Plants: We take pride in our live plants. Our plants are hand picked from our nursery for form and shape. Before shipment, each plant is freshly watered and fertilized to ensure
What is a Money Tree Plant?
Many people have probably told you that money doesn’t grow on trees, but they do! Sort of… The Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) is a plant that has many legends and beliefs originating from Ch
Juniper Bonsai Tree Care Information
The Juniper does best in filtered or shaded sunlight. Junipers can survive in cold weather and are extremely hardy but provide protection from freezing conditions in winter. To avoid browni