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My event is in a few months, when should I place my favor order?
Favor orders can be scheduled for delivery up to 6 months in advance. However, we recommend to put in favor orders no less than two weeks before your event date. This ensures availability of inventory
I don’t know the exact quantity that I need yet but can I place an order now?
We recommend to at least place an order with the minimum quantity that you know you will need first in order to reserve the quantity since certain seasons can be more busy with some events than others
30-Day Plant Policy
30 Day Plant Replacement: We understand that not everyone has a green thumb, so if your prized tree doesn’t agree with you within 30 days, we'll send one replacement tree to you for free. We'll even
3 Essential Tools for your First Bonsai Tree
So you’ve just received a new bonsai tree for the holidays or picked one up for yourself. You’re probably asking yourself now what. Aside from watering your tree regularly, you’ll need to l
Shipping Policy
All of Eastern Leaf's Shipping Rates are calculated per weight and shown on the shopping cart. All of the rates are shown so that you can compare and pick the one that best suits your needs. Ship M
No lower branches? Make it a Bunjin Style Bonsai
Creating Bunjin / Literati Style Bonsai Trees Typically lower branches are highly valued when making a bonsai tree. However, there is a style that is available that works perfectly