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My event is in a few months, when should I place my favor order?
Favor orders can be scheduled for delivery up to 6 months in advance. However, we recommend to put in favor orders no less than two weeks before your event date. This ensures availability of inventory
Do you have discounts for favors if I order a high quantity?
Yes, on the favors product details page there is a “View Quantity Discounts” link which you can click onto to see further information. Or simply enter your number in the quantity box and add to car
Preparing your favors.
This topic is a big question for many of our customers. We send favors un-assembled to avoid breakage and to lower shipping cost for you. Here are some tips on how to arrange your favors and
My event is in less than 2 weeks, can you still accept my favor order?
Depending on the quantity you need and your shipping zone, we can still accept your order but please be aware that upgraded shipping and/or rush order fee may be necessary. Please contact us to arrang
General Care for Event Favors
Bamboo Favors Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderia) thrive in indirect sunlight. Full sun will cause the leaves to turn yellow. We recommend watering your lucky bamboo arrangement with filtered or bott
Our Top 2 Favorite Bonsai Species
Choosing a bonsai species can be difficult. There are so many species and varieties that can make it hard to decide. Some trees prefer the clip and grow method of training while others need to b
How are the favors shipped?
In order to keep shipping costs low and protect the glass vases and bamboos from getting damaged, all favors will arrive unassembled. The bamboos are packed in bunches inside bags of water gel to kee
Are favors and arrangements shipped assembled?
For quality assurance, the glass vases and bamboos are wrapped carefully and separately with foam to keep from getting damaged; all favors and arrangements will arrive unassembled. The bamboos are pac
About Asian Inspired Party Favors
We carry a wide selection of event favors with customization features to accommodate any special occasion. Below find customization options. The number of Bamboo sticks in your arrangements The choi
I don’t know the exact quantity that I need yet but can I place an order now?
We recommend to at least place an order with the minimum quantity that you know you will need first in order to reserve the quantity since certain seasons can be more busy with some events than others
30-Day Plant Policy
30 Day Plant Replacement: We understand that not everyone has a green thumb, so if your prized tree doesn’t agree with you within 30 days, we'll send one replacement tree to you for free. We'll even
3 Essential Tools for your First Bonsai Tree
So you’ve just received a new bonsai tree for the holidays or picked one up for yourself. You’re probably asking yourself now what. Aside from watering your tree regularly, you’ll need to l
Base Layer: 3 Elements to Consider
Adding a base layer to your pot while repotting works wonders for your bonsai tree. Not only does it prevent compaction, but it also prevents root rot by ensuring quality drainage. So now that w