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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Care Information
The Chinese Elm enjoys partial filtered natural sunlight. Prolonged direct exposure to intense sun may burn the plant and yellow the leaves. The Chinese Elm constantly rotates leaves and sprouts
Forcing Elm Leaves During Winter
Similar to its larger sized counterpart, the Chinese Elm bonsai tree is known to lose its leaves in the winter if kept outdoors in cold temperatures. Unfortunately, some people may think that the tre
How often should I water my bonsai tree?
Make sure you water your plant until the water seeps through the drainage hole. We recommend using a water pitcher with a shower nozzle to prevent topsoil erosion and water run-offs. An alterna
Preparing your bonsai for Winter
For many, the winter season storms have already begun and brought snow. For others, as we get closer to the winter season, it’s a good time to prepare your trees. Insulation: The large
Clip and Grow Method: Developing a Pad Layer
The clip and grow method is a great way to familiarize yourself with the growth patterns of your tree. For beginners, it’s also a great method to train your tree without needing to apply wire to
Bonsai Training: Clip and Grow Method Basics: Tip # 1
Of the methods in which you can train your bonsai tree, the clip and grow method is the easiest. Simply put, it requires just basic shears to do. However for your tree to develop correctly,