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Can I grow the bamboos outside?
No. Our lucky bamboos are indoor bamboo and are not to be grown in soil.
How often should I water the bamboo?
Depending on the receding rate of the water level, it should be kept consistently at least ¼ the height of the bamboo stalk or above the rocks level for arrangements. We recommend watering the bamboo
Lucky Bamboo (Lighting)
Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderia) thrive in indirect sunlight. Full sun will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Even filtered direct sunlight may harm your plant. Lucky bamboo like room temperature clim
What should I do when the bamboo leaves turn yellow?
The most common factors for yellowing leaves are either too much sunlight; and/or too salty or heavily-fluoridated tap water. It is best to keep the bamboo away from sunlight and to use filtered w
What should I do when the stalks turn yellow?
The main cause of yellowing stalks is due to unchanged water and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, once the stalks begin to turn yellow, it may be too late to save the bamboo and is either dead or dyi