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2 Watering Tips for your Bonsai Trees to Beat the Heat.
We’re experiencing some temperatures of 106 lately so we thought this might be helpful even to those that don’t have the extreme heat. Watering your tree is probably the most important thing you
How do I Bottom Water my bonsai?
Fill up your sink or a container that will fit your bonsai pot with water. Submerge your entire bonsai tree pot into the water with at least a water level of 1-2 inches. Leave it to soak for 15-20 mi
How do I properly Water my Bonsai?
Watering plays a crucial role in providing successful care for your bonsai tree. Newcomers to the art of bonsais usually lose their first plant to improper watering. Some bonsai experts say watering i
How often should I water my bonsai tree?
Make sure you water your plant until the water seeps through the drainage hole. We recommend using a water pitcher with a shower nozzle to prevent topsoil erosion and water run-offs. An alterna
Watering : Checking for Signs of Stress
In Japan, only the most senior level apprentice or student is permitted to water the trees. The reason for this is because watering the trees requires experience and knowledge of each species of