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My bamboo is growing a lot, do I need to transplant it to a bigger container?
It is not necessary to transplant into a bigger container. If the roots are overgrown and clumped up, they can be trimmed back to fit. Overall, the stalk does not grow larger in girth nor height so it
My bamboo leaves are getting too bushy on top, is it safe to trim them?
Yes, the layered cone of leaves can be cut to your preferred height and eventually the leaves center will grow again slowly which can be trimmed again later.
What should I do if I have cloudy water in my Bamboo arrangement?
There are two causes for cloudy bamboo water: (1) stagnant/sitting water (2) tap water that dries and solidifies over time. We generally advise to change and check the water frequently. Water that
What should I do when the bamboo leaves turn yellow?
The most common factors for yellowing leaves are either too much sunlight; and/or too salty or heavily-fluoridated tap water. It is best to keep the bamboo away from sunlight and to use filtered w
What should I do when the stalks turn yellow?
The main cause of yellowing stalks is due to unchanged water and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, once the stalks begin to turn yellow, it may be too late to save the bamboo and is either dead or dyi
Why is my plant not doing so well even when I followed all the care instructions exactly?
Please be aware that the general care information for each plant was established based on average environmental conditions. Due to the sensitive nature of living products, the amount of given care sho
Will the bamboos grow 30ft. tall like the ones my neighbors have?
No. Ours are of the non-soil type (Dracaena Sanderia) and slow growing at the shoots of leaves only. The stalks are preset at a permanent height. Bamboos grown in the ground are of a different species