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What are the causes for Yellow leaves?
Bonsai trees require full time care. The most important aspects in growing and caring for your bonsai includes watering, humidity, lighting, temperature, fertilization, and air and soil circulation. I
What are the white bugs on my plant?
These bugs are called "aphids" and they are commonly found on indoor and outdoor plants. To rid of these bugs, use a mild solution of dish soap and water and spray the plant.
What are the white little spiders leaving webs on my plant?
These bugs are called "spider mites" and they are commonly found on indoor and outdoor plants. Introducing a new plant to a household will sometimes attract these bugs. To rid of these bugs, use a mil
What is a Bonsai?
Bonsai simply means tree in a pot. Most commonly associated with the Chinese and Japanese culture, these miniature bonsai trees are not genetically altered. This ancient oriental horticultural art for
What should I do when my bonsai tree's leaves turn yellow?
When the leaves turn yellow, it is usually a sign of lack of water absorption to the roots. The first thing to do is to increase the amount of water to at least a mug size amount everyday and it is be
What type of bonsai fertilizer should I use and how do I apply it?
We recommend using bonsai fertilizers with the NPK equivalent of 20-9-9 or similar for small potted plants. As for the usage of our particular bonsai fertilizer, first remove about half-inch top soil
Why is my plant not doing so well even when I followed all the care instructions exactly?
Please be aware that the general care information for each plant was established based on average environmental conditions. Due to the sensitive nature of living products, the amount of given care sho