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Can I just buy a bonsai pot and soil?
Unfortunately, we do not sell pots and soil individually.
Can I plant my bonsai in the ground outdoors?
Bonsai plants are meant to be isolated in a small pot to keep them small and for the purpose of mobility for display. In addition, due to their small size, they cannot withstand extreme weather change
Do I have to remove the bamboos from the water gel immediately upon arrival?
It is recommended to at least remove the bags of bamboos from the box and stand them upright as soon as possible but it is not necessary to rinse off the water gel immediately. The bamboos can st
Why is my plant not doing so well even when I followed all the care instructions exactly?
Please be aware that the general care information for each plant was established based on average environmental conditions. Due to the sensitive nature of living products, the amount of given care sho
Will my plant arrive okay even though it is very cold outside where I live?
For cold regions, when necessary our plants are shipped with heat packs and foam insulation so they will be protected during transit.