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General Care for Event Favors
Last Updated: 09/21/2011
Bamboo Favors

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderia) thrive in indirect sunlight. Full sun will cause the leaves to turn yellow.
We recommend watering your lucky bamboo arrangement with filtered or bottled water.
Water level should cover the top of the rocks.
For green stalks, we recommend fertilizing your lucky bamboo with liquid fertilizer.

Bonsai Favors

The Juniper Bonsai tree does best in filtered or shaded sunlight. Juniper Bonsai trees can survive in cold weather and are extremely hardy but provide protection from freezing conditions in winter. To avoid browning of juniper bonsai needles, prune by pinching off unwanted stems using fingers or shears. Foliage should be thinned to let in light. Water moderately, keeping the juniper bonsai tree moist at all times.

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