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Akadama - The different grades of akadama
Last Updated: 03/23/2015
Contrary to popular belief, akadama is not all created equal. In Japan, Akadama is so readily available that it is used for nearly everything including basic house plants. That is why there are multiple grades of akadama used for different purposes. The most basic akadama is used for general potting and planting and is almost the equivalent of potting soil. Higher grade akadama is fired at very high temperatures. This makes it very hard so it doesn't break down easily. It also sterilizes and removes any organic material.

When purchasing akadama, always make sure to see if it is the highest grade akadama when using it for bonsai soil. Choose only the hardest akadama that is fired at the highest level. A great way to test the grade of the akadama is to hold it between your fingers. If adding a little pressure crumbles it immediately, then the akadama is of low grade. If it breaks only under a good amount of pressure then the akadama is a higher grade meant for use with bonsai trees.

At Eastern Leaf, we use the highest level grade manufacturered only. Our show trees are potted using this akadama. View our bonsai soil mixes and akadama.

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