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The Campania bird bath line is a perfect addition to decorate your outdoor garden and bring some tranquility to your space. Please view the modem and timeless designs of Campania International.

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Concept Birdbath Concept Birdbath

Welcome your feathery bird neighbors to your garden with...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 24.75"L x 24.75"w x 31"H
- Weight: 196 lb

Price $479.99
Sunbury Birdbath Sunbury Birdbath

Create a welcome environment for your favorite neighborhood birds...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 15.5"L x 15.5"w x 16.5"H
- Weight: 40 lb

Price $294.99
Zen Element Birdbath (2 PC) Zen Element Birdbath (2 PC)

Enjoy watching the birds as they peacefully glide down for a drink...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 11"L x 11"w x 9.25"H
- Weight: 24 lb

Price $194.99
Montebello Birdbath (1 pc) Montebello Birdbath (1 pc)

This simplistic but elegant Montebello Birdbath is a perfect addition...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 25"L x 25"w x 10.75"H
- Weight: 79 lb

Price $504.99
Sagano Birdbath (1 pc) Sagano Birdbath (1 pc)

Decorate your oasis with this modern Sagano Birdbath and provide your...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 26"L x 26"w x 35.75"H
- Weight: 184 lb

Price $509.99
Metropolitan Birdbath (1 pc) Metropolitan Birdbath (1 pc)

Enhance your garden space with this sleek modern birdbath...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 28.75"L x 28.75"w x 40.5"H
- Weight: 219 lb

Price $979.99
Kosei Birdbath (1 pc) Kosei Birdbath (1 pc)

The Kosei Birdbath is an Asian inspired piece featuring a simplistic...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 12"L x 12"w x 6"H
- Weight: 23 lb

Price $197.99
Hadley Birdbath (1 pc) Hadley Birdbath (1 pc)

This modern yet timeless Hadley Birdbath is a perfect addition...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 14.25"L x 14.25"w x 26.25"H
- Weight: 23 lb

Price $449.99
Kyoto Birdbath (1 pc) Kyoto Birdbath (1 pc)

The Kyoto Birdbath is an Asian inspired rectangular design featuring...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 16.25"L x 12.25"w x 8.5"H
- Weight: 45 lb

Price $239.99