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At Bonsai Jidai, we focus heavily on fundamentals and hands on learning. With a solid understanding of bonsai fundamentals, we can design a tree to its fullest value. Our courses include reviewing the basic concept and maintenance methods. For seasoned students, we move on to more advanced techniques including root training, heavy bending, and advanced design.

Group workshops are great way to learn from David Nguy and his senior student in a group setting. Workshops enable students to bring their own tree and learn the techniques to develop and improve their trees.

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Black Pine Bonsai - "Piney Tim" Black Pine Bonsai - "Piney Tim"

These trees are curated by Jason for their bonsai qualities and potential. Each tree has been initially trained ready for individual refinement. Perfect for adding your own style and final design with wire and pruning.

Tree Specifications:
- Width: 10 inches.
- Height: 13 inches.
- Pot: 6" Unglazed Lotus Style
- Age: 8

Price: $349.00