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Tea Pavilion

Using the proper tools is essential to maintaining your trees. With the right tool, you'll be able to train and shape the tree to exactly how you want it to look with the least amount of effort.
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    Organic Tropical Breeze Green Tea
    Quick Shop
    Green tea flavored with hints of papaya and pineapple...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $8.95
    Ginseng Oolong
    Quick Shop
    Oolong tea leaves are coated with ginseng powder and...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $7.95
    Milk Oolong
    Quick Shop
    A creamy flavored Oolong offers a surprising, milky aroma...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $5.95
    Jasmine Downy Pearls Tea
    Quick Shop
    This tea is hand-rolled into pearl-shaped balls, then scented with jasmine flowers...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $9.95
    Organic Rooibos
    Quick Shop
    An herbal variety of tea from South Africa that produces a smooth, red brew...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $4.95
    Organic Ginger Lemon Green Tea
    Quick Shop
    Ginger, lemon, and a hint of lemongrass blended with green tea...
    Price (2 oz Pouch): $8.95