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Staghorn Fern in Planter
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Large Staghorn Fern in Planter (Various Colors)

Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) are known for their striking, antler-shaped leaves. Staghorns are commonly found growing on the side of trees, and are often displayed by mounting on a wooden plaque. Staghorns do well in pots while young, but when the shield fronds at the base of the plant outgrows the planter, it is recommended to move it to a wall plaque or hanging basket. Water by misting fronds instead of watering the soil.

Arrives in choice of ceramic planter with decorative Spanish moss, or plastic liner only. Plant measures approximately 18-20" in height, not including planter.
Choose your options:
Planter Option
Leaf Pot - Beige
Geo Pot - Gunmetal
Weaver Pot - Bronze
Hatch Pot - Earth
Koi Pot - Mercury
Tidal Pot - Seafoam
No Pot (plastic liner only)
[Subtract -$20.00]
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