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Redwood Trees are great subjects for formal upright bonsai trees. The flexible branches make styling it extremely easy. Their hardiness also makes it great for beginners. If you're interested in very unique foliage and a strong trunk, we recommend the Oak Bonsai Tree.

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Miniature Cedar Bonsai Miniature Cedar Bonsai

The Cedar bonsai has a mild spicy scented wood that has beautiful...

Price $29.00
White Cedar Bonsai White Cedar Bonsai

The Chamaecyparis Thyoides or Atlantic White Cedar is a most known ...

Price $29.00
Large Coastal Redwood Bonsai Tree Large Coastal Redwood

The Coastal Redwood is one of the most popular species of bonsai for formal uprights ...

Price $169.00
Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seeds Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seeds

Grow your own Coastal Redwood bonsai with these bonsai seeds..

Price $6.95