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Plant Bar Cleansing Soap (Mandarin Green)

Plant Bar Cleansing Soap (Mandarin Green)

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Product Code: 300050-01
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Let your senses be refreshed along with your skin as you wash with this nourishing soap. Made of all natural ingredients including glycerin, coconut oil, and soy, which have amazing skin-softening qualities. Bio-plant elements are formulated to provide healing properties and promote a rejuvenating feeling for all skin types.

6.5 oz soap comes neatly packaged in gift-ready box to send by itself or paired with one of our plants. Hand-crafted with the purest natural ingredients, and are free of parabens.

Infused with real Mandarin citrus peel for an overall clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Ancient beliefs have said this ingredient gives off a refreshing, warming, and uplifting feeling. Its natural antiseptic qualities are great to help purify and re-balance the skin.