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Mini Juniper Sake Masu Pot Favor
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Mini Juniper Sake Masu Favor

Base Price: $9.50
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Add an elegant unique touch to your next event with this favor. The sake masu was originally used to measure out rice, but they quickly became popular as a method of serving sake. In restaurants, a glass is often placed within a masu and then overfilled, ensuring that you receive a generous amount of sake. The overflow could then be sipped directly from the masu. This wooden cup paired with a mini juniper bonsai tree creates an instant Asian style to any event. The base price reflects the price of the mini juniper plant and one Masu Sake Pot. Juniper bonsai tree measures between 6" and 7" tall from the base of the pot to the top of the tree. The Unique Sake Masu Pot measures 2.5" L by 2.5" W by 2.5" H. Please note: To keep shipping costs low, all bonsai favors arrive disassembled. Assembly required. Care information for the tree is included. Wood may absorb water over time. Exclusively from Eastern Leaf Inc.

Care Information

Upon arrival, open the box of favors and set aside in filtered or shaded sunlight.Water once before assembly with filtered or bottled water for best results. It is recommended that you assemble the favors right before displaying for your event.Plant Care Information: The Juniper Bonsai tree does best in filtered or shaded sunlight. Juniper Bonsai trees can survive in cold weather and are extremely hardy but provide protection from freezing conditions in winter. To avoid browning of juniper bonsai needles, prune by pinching off unwanted stems using fingers or shears. Foliage should be thinned to let in light. Water moderately, keeping the juniper bonsai tree moist at all times.