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Matchas / Powders


Matcha is made from premium quality green tea and made into powder. Matcha has a sweet aroma, smooth texture and aftertaste. Since the leaves are fully consumed, the beneficial qualities of matcha outweigh regular loose leaf tea.



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Classic Sencha Powder (1.5 oz)
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Our Classic Sencha Powder consists of finely milled green tea leaves that have been deep steamed. ...

Price: $18.00
Organic Ceremonial Matcha (1.5 oz)
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Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is certified organic and consists of only the highest quality matcha. ...

Price: $45.00
Organic House Matcha
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Our Organic House Matcha is certified organic and is our most popular for daily whisking and drinking ...

Price: $25.00
Culinary Grade Japanese Matcha (1.5 oz)
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Matcha is finely milled Japanese green tea. Matcha possesses a sweet aroma, smooth texture and ...

Price: $20.00
Genmaicha Powder (1.0 oz)
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Our Genmaicha Powder blends finely milled Japanese green tea with roasted rice...

Price: $18.00