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Green Twist Tie
Green Twist Ties

Price $11.95

Product Code: 116810-01

The Twist Tie is a helpful aid in creating unique Ikebana arrangements. This twist tie is wired and can be used to bind stems together to create support for an arrangement. Often used to extend and straighten plant material, the wire comes in a convenient continuous roll to adjust for the need of each piece. Ideal for use with plants, vines, vegetables, and flowers.

Each spool is approximately 200 ft.

Ikebana Vase Triangle Black Wave Zen Black - Small Rectangular Vase Kenzan Pin Frog Combination (1 1/8", 2 1/8")
Price $36.00
Price $12.95
Price $19.95
Ikebana Vase Triangle Black Wave Ikebana Vase Kenzan Pin Frog