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We carry an assortment of statues made of materials including stone, resin and wood. These statues are great for setting the mood in your Zen garden setting or for indoor use as well.

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Sitting Buddha Sitting Buddha, Glazed White

A serene Buddha figurine adds some zen to your terrarium, planter, or gardenscape...

Price $12.95
Mini Oki-Gata Lantern Mini Oki-Gata Lantern

A unique design fusing Indonesian and Japanese inspirations, these small lanterns...

Price $65.00
Bamboo Pagoda Bamboo Pagoda

This pagoda lantern is decorated with bamboo leaf and stalk embellishments...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 16"L x 15.75"W x 24.25"H
- Weight: 97 lb

Price $479.99
Mini Pagoda Mini Pagoda

Create a tranquil retreat in your garden with this Asian inspired pagoda lantern...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 8.75"L x 8.75"W x 11"H
- Weight: 15 lb

Price $179.99
Rustic Medium Pagoda Rustic Medium Pagoda

The Rustic Medium Pagoda features smooth rounded edges...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 14"L x 14"W x 16"H
- Weight: 53 lb

Price $237.99
Antique Pagoda Antique Pagoda

This pagoda lantern statue is more traditional...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 9.75"L x 10"W x 14"H
- Weight: 25 lb

Price $252.99
Atsumi Lantern Atsumi Lantern

This lantern feature a sloping rectangular roof complemented...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 14.5"L x 14.5"W x 18.75"H
- Weight: 106 lb

Price $419.99
Naka Lantern Naka Lantern

The Naka Lantern is a more modern inspired...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 18"L x 18"W x 39"H
- Weight: 334 lb

Price $879.99
Sapporo Lantern Sapporo Lantern

This unique Sapporo Lantern is ideal for accenting a path....

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 17"L x 17"W x 30.5"H
- Weight: 207 lb

Price $524.99
Katsura Lantern Katsura Lantern

The Katsura Lantern features a modern geometric...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 11.75"L x 11.75"W x 19"H
- Weight: 75 lb

Price $314.99
Lotus Buddha Lotus Buddha

Bring in serenity and peace to your Zen garden with the Lotus Buddha. ...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 20"L x 15"W x 28.5"H
- Weight: 172 lb

Price $709.99
Seated Lotus Buddha Seated Lotus Buddha

Creates a meditative space in your garden with this Seated...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 12"L x 8"W x 19"H
- Weight: 43 lb

Price $249.99
Small Temple Foo Dog Left and Right Small Temple Foo Dog Left and Right

In Chinese culture, statues of Fu Dogs, have traditionally stood guard...

- Materials: Case Stone
- Size: 4.25"L x 6.25"W x 8.25"H
- Weight: 14 lb

Price $199.99
Ikekomi-doro Garden Lantern Ikekomi-doro Garden Lantern

Place several in your backyard to bring this global light to your own home....

Price $65.00
Oki-Gata Antique Garden Lantern Oki-Gata Antique Garden Lantern

Place these Indonesian and Japanese-inspired lanterns around your yard or garden to...

Price $129.00
Namaste Jizo 8" Stonewashed Namaste Jizo 8" Stonewashed

In Japan, Ojizō-sama, as he is respectfully known, is one of the most loved of all Japanese...

Price $35.00
Kind Hearted Kokeshi Doll 9" Stone Washed Kind Hearted Kokeshi Doll 9" Stone Washed

Traditionally crafted in wood without legs or arms, the Japanese Kokeshi doll, became known...

Price $49.00
Buddha Statue Volcanic ash Buddha statue lotus antique 8"

Bring harmony and beauty to your home with this beautiful Statue....

Price $59.00
Sale Price: $44.99
Owl Statue Volcanic Ash Owl 6" Stonewash

Our wise and watchful owl will instantly brighten your garden....

Price $39.00
Peaceful Buddha Peaceful Buddha

This statue of Buddha in peaceful meditation will add zen repose to your home or...

Price $59.00
Bowing Monk Statue Bowing Monk Statue

Welcoming all who enter your home or garden, this young monk is depicted with ...

Price $64.00
Mini Oki-Gata Lantern - Antique Brown Mini Oki-Gata Lantern - Antique Brown

Our lanterns feature unique designs that fuse together Indonesian and Japanese-inspired traditions. ...

Price: $65.00
Buddha Head Ceramic Buddha Head

A serene Buddha figurine adds some zen to your terrarium, planter, or gardenscape...

Price $14.95