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Choose from our selection of dried branches botanicals. Each features different shapes, textures, sizes, and colors.
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Grapewood Sandblasted Grapewood

Meticulously sanded down to perfection! Our grapewoods are ...

Price $19.00
Natural Bamboo Mini Screen Natural Bamboo Mini Screen

This decorative single panel screen is handmade of dried bamboo ...

Price $5.00
Botanicals - Birch Branches Birch Branches

Natural Birch Branches are a nice alternative to flowers which ...

Price $23.00
Botanicals - Curly Willow Curly Willow

Branches of the willow tree are dried to preserve the curly shape ...

Price $22.00
Manzanita Root Large Manzanita Root Large

The texture and shape of the manzanita root are perfect for air plants or used in terrariums.  The bump...

Price $14.95
Grapewood Branch Grapewood Branch

The branches of the grapewood have great movement and twists.  The natural texture...

Price $16.95
Tilly Tacker Tilly Tacker

Tilly tacker is an adhesive that can be used to attach Tillandsias or air plants to a variety of materials....

Price $7.95
Natural Manzanita Natural Manzanita

Each manzanita branch is carefully handled to preserve the natural ...

Price $9.00
Sandblasted Manzanita Manzanita Sandblasted

Branch is sandblasted, leaving a white smooth and elegant texture ...

Price $10.00
Twisted Ting Ting Twisted Ting Ting

The Twisty Swirl twigs are naturally light-brown curved sticks that can ...

Price $7.95
Natural Cane Natural Cane

The light yellow-tan color with shades of brown spread throughout ...

Price $22.00