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Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire - 3mm (500g)
Copper Bonsai Wire

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Product Code: 114300-01

3mm aluminum wire is commonly used for bending thicker branches on younger trees. Training wire can make it easy for those looking to create a custom shape with their bonsai.  Simply wrap the branches with the wire and bend into a desired shape.

Benefits of Copper Bonsai Wire vs. Aluminum Bonsai Wire:  Due to the strength of copper wire, you do not need to use as thick a diameter of wire to bend a branch as you would with aluminum wire.  This helps in the aesthetics of the tree so as not to cover the tree with wire.  Copper wire will also fade to a more natural color over time.  

Training Wire information:
- Thickness: 3mm
- Amount: ≃ 24 feet.
- Material: Copper

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