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Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire - 1mm (500g)
Copper Bonsai Wire

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Product Code: 114280-01

Training wire can make it easy for those looking to create a custom shape with their bonsai.  For use on the most delicate & tender branches and newly sprouted stems. Simply wrap the branches with the wire and bend your branches or position them into a desired shape. Use it to arrange branches or spread out foliage. 1mm size wire is perfect for spacing foliage and bending thin branches.

Benefits of Copper Bonsai Wire vs. Aluminum Bonsai Wire:  Due to the strength of copper wire, you do not need to use as thick a diameter of wire to bend a branch as you would with aluminum wire.  This helps in the aesthetics of the tree so as not to cover the tree with wire.  Copper wire will also fade to a more natural color over time.  

Training Wire information:
- Thickness: 1mm
- Amount: ≃ 230 feet.
- Material: Copper

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