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Bonsai - Jade Bonsai Tree

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Cascading Jade Bonsai

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Originating from South Africa, this Jade bonsai is from the Crassula Species. Infamously known as the "money tree" of bonsais, the Jade is an evergreen succulent that must be grown indoors, however during the summer months it can be beneficial for the plants to be placed outdoors. If there is a sufficient amount of light, the leaves will develop red edges around the tips and produce white flowers in Autumn. The unique cascading shape of the trained Jade over flows the ceramic hexagon pot.

The Jade Bonsai tree arrives in a ceramic teal pot. The pot measures approximately 5"L x 5"W x 3''H. Pot may vary depending on availability. Care information included. Jade bonsai tree shape may vary from shown. Tree may arrive with wire.
Jade Bonsai Grows well in both low and high light conditions.
The Jade bonsai can hold a large amount of water within the leaves. Water lightly to avoid root rot and fungi. When watering, allow the soil to dry between each watering. During winter, water every 2-3 weeks.
Mist the leaves often during the day if kept indoors. To prevent dried foliage, avoid areas near a draft or vent.
If you decide to train your Jade Bonsai Tree, be careful as the branches can be broken easily.
Fertilize the Jade bonsai about once a month in mid-spring to the fall.
When repotting your Jade bonsai, make sure to use a mixture of gritty soil and compost that allows for good drainage.