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Tillandsia Paucifolia - Large
Air Plants Tillandsias

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Tillandsias, or commonly referred to as air plants, are extremely easy to care. Their most outstanding feature is that they do not require roots to grow. All the nutrients and moisture are absorbed through the foliage. This characteristic is the reason why they are able to handle very dry and hot conditions. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Tillandsias are often used in terrariums or rock and branch plantings. Watering can be done on a daily basis with misting and showering or they can be submerged in filtered or bottled water on a weekly basis.

This particular species of Tillandsia features bold thick deep green foliage similar to a succulent. The curly nature of the foliage gives it wonderful shape and movement. Air plant measures approximately 6" - 8" in length.