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Browse our collection of accessories for plants and bonsai including pots, figurines, soil, fertilizer, and tools.

Tokoname Teapots

  • Looking for a traditional method for serving tea. Our tokonome teapots are naturally glazed and great serving pieces.
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Cast Iron Tetsubin

  • Choose from our assortment of our "Tetsubin" tea pots. The testsubin teapot is a Japanese teapot made of cast iron. They range in different sizes and shapes.
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Tea Accessories

  • Get the most out of your tea with our essential brewing utensils and tools. Extract the most flavors and aromas from your matcha with a Chasen (Bamboo Whisk).
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Tea Containers

Hand Trowel Hand Trowel

This Hand Trowel is an excellent tool for your everyday gardening...

Price $12.99
Kyoto Moss Spores Bonsai Kyoto Moss Spores

These seed spores produce a beautiful bright green, velvety moss ...

Price $6.95
Traditional Thinning Shear Traditional Thinning Shear

These heavy duty thinning shears are ideal for getting....

Price: $9.95