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Juniper Cascade Bonsai
Juniper Cascade Bonsai
Juniper Cascade Bonsai
  • Eastern Leaf is a retailer of Zen Gardening Gifts, including bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, money trees, orchids, succulents, and air plants. We also welcome you to come visit our tea pavilion for authentic Japanese grown teas and our Apothecary for hand made lotions and soaps.

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Creating Movement by Wiring your Tree's Trunk

Movement is one of the most important aspects to a bonsai tree. Movement is what gives your tree character. 

Luckily, it is possible to add movement to a tree. In this video, we go over how to wire your bonsai tree’s trunk to create movement. We also demonstrate how applying wire to your secondary branches can instantly transform your material.

  • Satsuki Azalea Bonsai

    Learn about Satuski Azaleas

    In this video, our friend Lou Camerota stops by to give us some quick tips on how to keep our Satsuki Azalea bonsai trees healthy through the technique of removing flowers...

  • Bonsai Garden Lake Merritt

    Bonsai Garden Lake Merritt Tour

    In this video, we take a tour of the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA, one of the Golden State Bonsai Federation's bonsai collections. Janet Nelson and George Haas were kind enough to share...

  • Pacific Bonsai Museum

    Pacific Bonsai Museum Tour

    In this video, we take a tour of the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way, Washington. We are joined by Aarin Packard, the curator of the garden as he gives us a tour on the current exhibit...

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About Us

The Eastern Leaf Story

Founded in the fall of 2004, Jason and Renee started as a small vendor selling lucky bamboo arrangements at local farmer's markets in San Diego. They would try their best to fill the 10’ x 10’ booth with as many plants as possible. Despite San Diego's reputation of sunny skies, it rained nearly every Sunday during the market. On some days, Jason and Renee would be lucky to sell a single item. However, their persistence was rewarded as the little shop quickly gained popularity with the regular market shoppers...


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  • To escape the busy world and encourage a sense of relaxation, consider some of our Zen gifts. Nature can be quite soothing, so incorporating these types of items into your everyday life can have a positive effect. Thanks to our eco-friendly and Zen lifestyle products, you can turn your home into a holistic garden paradise.

    Besides houseplant supplies that will work well with your existing greenery, we offer a wide variety of garden tools and growing kits. Also, our outdoor gardening accessories will bring a special touch to your space. Whether you are looking to add a fountain, statue or birdbath to your garden, we have unique pieces that will bring tranquility to your home. If you already have a bonsai garden, consider adding some figurines, decorative moss or eye-catching marbles. Our bonsai tree accessories will bring even more beauty and personality to your plants. Our decor products will lend a unique touch to the inside of your house as well. Choose a delicate paper lantern or a scented soy candle to create a meditative vibe.