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Bonsai - Miniature Boxwood Miniature Boxwood

Since this species needs minimal sunlight, the Miniature Boxwood...

Price $29.00
Bougainvillea Bonsai Bougainvillea Bonsai

This tropical bougainvillea will bloom year-round ...

Price: $55.00
Lavender Star Bonsai Lavender Star Bonsai

The Grewia Occidentalis or Lavender Star tree is a tree that is named for its pink and lavender star-shaped flowers. ...

Price: $49.00

Bonsai - Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm Bonsai tree is a perfect addition of style and grace to ...

Price $59.00
Sale Price: $55.00

Flowering Azalea Bonsai Satsuki Azalea - Apple Blossom

This flowering bonsai tree produces coral pink blooms that add a refreshing ...

Price: $49.00

Flowering Azalea Bonsai Satsuki Azalea - Apple Blossom (Gift Set)

This gift set includes our popular Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree as well as all ...

Price: $99.00

Satsuki Azalea - Apple Blossom Starter Kit Satsuki Azalea - Apple Blossom (Starter Kit)

This starter kit includes all the essential components for maintaining and pruning ...

Price: $75.00
Sale Price $69.00