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Haws Handy Watering Can Haws Handy Watering Can

This compact handy watering can stores 1 pint of water, a perfect ...

Price 19.95

Bonsai - Mini Juniper Bonsai Tree Miniature Young Juniper

The Miniature 5" Young Juniper is a perfect beginner bonsai tree for...

Price 20.00

Bonsai - Young Juniper Bonsai Young Juniper

Youthful juniper bonsai tree can be easily trained to create artful shapes ...

Price $29.00
Sale Price: 25.00

Bonsai - Miniature Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Miniature Golden Gate Ficus

Miniature version of our popular Golden Gate Ficus.  This ficus bonsai tree...

Price 35.00

Zen Rock Cairn Stone Sculpture Zen Rock Cairn Sculpture

This sculpture features natural beach pebbles and river stones ...

Price 39.00

Flowering Azalea Bonsai Red Blooms Satsuki Azalea - Red Ruby Gem

This Japanese inspired red flowering bonsai produces blooms during the spring...

Price: 49.00