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Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions - PDF
Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions

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General Care:

Lucky bamboo thrive in indirect sunlight or very low levels of light. Too strong direct sunlight will cause the leaves to yellow or burn. Lucky bamboo can also survive in conditions where there is no natural light.

For best results, we recommend using filtered or bottled water. This will eliminate the deposits most commonly found in tap water. This will also ensure that you do not have to change the water too frequently.

Water Changes:
It is best to change the water whenever it looks cloudy or produces an odor. This will not only promote the health of the plant but also make the arrangement more pleasing to look at while also eliminating any odors.

We recommend using the plant food “Green Food” only for your lucky bamboo. This has been specially formulated to be gentle on your lucky bamboo while nourishing the plant to reach its healthiest greenest color.

Troubleshooting (Common Concerns):

Yellowing Leaves:
Yellow leaves are most often caused by too much exposure to direct sun. Yellow leaves can also be caused by too much dampness in the leaves. To remedy the situation, you can move the arrangement to another location and avoid watering the top of the bamboo arrangement.

Stalks Turning Yellow:
Unfortunately, once the stalks begin to turn yellow, it may be too late to save the bamboo and is either dead or dying. We recommend removing it immediately from your arrangement to prevent the other bamboo from also turning yellow.

Murky Water or Strong Odor:
This is most caused by using tap water. Simply clean out the pot and bamboo with water and replace tap water with filtered or bottled water.

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