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Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties. Made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis. Black tea is generally stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than the less oxidized teas.

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Yunnan Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh, sometimes referred to as Bolay, is a variety of post-fermented tea produced...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $3.95

Ceylon Black Tea w/ Silver Tips

The tea features prominent, very fine, and wiry silver tips that stand out against...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $4.95
Yunnan Gold Tip Black Tea

Yunnan gold is a tippy tea, meaning that it is high in leaf buds, and is named...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $4.95
Keemun Black Tea

One of China's most popular teas, Keemun Black Tea sometimes referred...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $3.95
Golden Gunpowder Black Tea Golden Gunpowder Black Tea

A popular choice for our black teas. Golden Gunpowder Black Tea closely resembles...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $3.95
Piña Colada Black Tea Piņa Colada Black Tea

Traditional bold black tea accompanied by sweet pineapple and coconut bits ...

Price (2 oz Pouch): $7.95